Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

400,000 applicants for the 25,000 seat ? IND Vs Pak

One of the match in world cup 2019 is going to be much interested that will be match between india Vs Pakistan.I know know you are thinking that match will interested, But NO i am talking about Booking the seat in Manchester stadium.

Do you know Amid calls for boycott, the clamour for tickets for the marquee ODI World Cup clash between India and Pakistan in Manchester on June 16 has reached a crescendo, with more than 400,000 applicants for the 25,000 seater Old Trafford stadium.

One side fans demanding to boycott of the match in Cricket World Cup Between India and Pakistan and in another side they does not want to take a risk to leave the match so they already started book seat in stadium.coincidence is that there are limited seat and fans are unlimited.the limit of seat in that stadium is 25000 and till now 400000 application applied for booking ticket.So many people will be disappointed. authority should think about this how could they will manage.

ICC World Cup tournament director Steve Elworthy said during a promotion in London that the demand for tickets to match at the group stage between India and Pakistan is more than the match between England and Australia and the final in Lords.

Elthree said that between 230000 and 240000 folks have applied for the competition between European country and Australia, whereas the quantity of candidates for the ultimate is between 260000 to 270000.

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