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How To send Massage in Whatsapp Group Without saving the number, Follow This Easy Steps

Any WhatsApp user you share an invite link with can join the group, so only use this feature with trusted individuals. It’s possible for someone to forward the link to other people.

whatsapp group invitation link

There are lots of features In Whatsapp for their users that help users greatly increase their daily needs.a most basic and useful feature is can also make a voice call and video call .and each one is connected to some group on WhatsApp. If you are admin of any Whatsapp group and you want to add people then you can only add them to those who are already ed in your contact list. If you want to add someone to the group whose number you do not have, then you have to save the number first. Now It’s not necessary. Now you can also add a group Member without saving the number. The way we are telling you this post.

WhatsApp Inwaite will make your job easier:

1. Open WhatsApp. After that open the WhatsApp Group in which you have to add a new member.

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2. When you go to the group, you have to click the three dots given upwards on the right side. Then tap on the group’s info.

3. Now you will find the Invite via Link option here. Click on it. Click on

4. When you click on Invite via Link you will get four options. This will include the option of Send Link via WhatsApp, Copy Link, Share Link and Revoke Link.

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5. You can choose according to your options. From here you will be able to share the link to the person you want to add to the group.

6. As soon as the other person clicks the link, you will see the join group and the option to cancel. The person will be added to join group by joining the group.


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