There are lots of human disease in the world stone is one of them. 13 to 15 % people of the world are suffering from stone disease . This disease is characterized by accumulation of particles within the individual. It becomes solid or particulate stone which we call calculus. It is very harmful for the body. there are two most common category of stone disease one of them is kidney stone and another one is gallbladder stone.

Kidney that purifies the blood and works to detoxify our body. If your kidney is not kept clean, serious problems such as abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting can increase, including urinary disorders. It carries waste, poisonous and excess fluids out of the body via urin. If your kidney is not clean. In kidney stone disease, mineral and salt in some parts of the body take the form of a heavy stone. These heavy stone called stone. Its size is small like a granule or golf ball. Kidney stones can occur in four places of the body. Such as: There are stones in the kidney, urine pipe, urine bag, gall bag etc. Kidney disease is very painful.

Types of Kidney Stone

Strawite Stone: – It causes infection in stone stones. This stone happens to women who suffer from UTI. Due to the large size of this stone, the way of urination is hindered.

Calcium Stone:- This is the most common of all stones. Which are made of calcim oxalate. Eating chips, peanuts, beetroot increases calcium, hence calcium stone is expected to increase.

Uric Acid Stone: – Uric acid stone is more in men than women. In this, the diet of the men increases the level of excreta.

Cysteine stone: This stone happens to those people. Which is the victim of genetic disease and cysteineuria.

Symptoms Of Kidney Stone

  1. stomach pain
  2. Yellow urine
  3. smell in urine
  4. Getting nausea
  5. Feeling vomiting
  6. blood in urine
  7. Having trouble urinating

Treatments for a Kidney stone

Poisonous substances deposited in the kidneys can even cause death of human beings by obstructing blood purification..If you include three good things in the diet with caution in eating, then the kidneys can be cleaned easily. You can use these things in any form of cooking or drink.

  1. Green Coriander – >

  Coriander is usually used in every kitchen to increase the flavor of food. But do you know that the properties of detoxification present in coriander are helpful in removing waste and toxic substances from the body. You Can her IT in dinner Diet and juice. Cumin used for sprinkling or tempering in lentils etc. is also very beneficial in cleaning the kidneys.

Necessary Ingredients -:

  • One liter of water
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Sliced lemon slices
  • A spoon cumin

    The Method -: Boil one liter of water on low heat. After this wash some leaves of coriander and put it in water and let it boil for 10 minutes. Now add chopped lemon slices and a teaspoon of cumin to the boiled water. Allow all three things to boil for five minutes and then sieve and drink. Drinking this drink daily will clean your kidneys completely. Along with this, many major stomach diseases will also be cut.

  1. Corn -: Often you have seen people eating corn or corn grains. But do you know that the golden colored fibers seen on corn seeds can detoxify your kidneys. Along with detoxifying the kidneys and bladder, it is also effective in regulating blood sugar and boosting immunity.

Necessary Ingredients -:

  • Two glasses of water
  • A Bowl of Corn Hair
  • Two sliced lemon

      The Method -:Boil two glasses of water thoroughly to make a drink of corn hair. After this, put a bowl of corn hair in water and boil it on a low flame. Squeeze two sliced ​​pieces of lemon in this water and boil it until the water remains a glass. By drinking this drink daily in the morning and evening, you will soon start seeing benefits. This drink is also beneficial for people who have stones complaints.

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