Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Story of Indian Air Strike, Know what was done on 26th Feb

ind vs pak war

In just 25 mint Indian Mirage have done operation and came back to india, they bombs jaish terror camp in Pak’s Balakot: 200-300 dead

We did it ! yes it’s time to be fill proud.we just taken revenge of our 40 armed force was dead in Pulwama.The selection of the target was also conditioned by our desire to avoid civilian casualties.It’s located in a deep forest on a hilltop.India Air-force was killed 300 terrorists of Jaish-E-Mohammad.The target was Balakot,

160Km from the line of control(60Km as the brid flies) has long been know to be a training camp for the Jaish-E-Mohitammad. It was being run by Yusuz Azhar, JEM founder Masood Azahar’s brother-in-law.After the pulwama attack,It is believed that jem moved 300-350 of its terrorists to balakot for safe-keeping fearing Indian Attacks on other known launch pads close to Loc.

Thirteen day back we lost 41 of our brave soldiers in a cowardly terror strike.On Thursday we attacked the traitors on their own soil and kiled 400 of them.Reacting so quickly is something that only Prime Minister Nerendra Modi knows “Modi hai to sab mumkin hai”

I tried to explain you how it was done.there is 15 point to tell you that how was plan for the action.

1st- After the terrorist attack on 15th February, CCS called a metting with defence agency with Narendra Modi and submit revenge option from pakistan.

2nd- In this meeting decided that we will do air strike.

3rd- PM Narendra Modi ordered to NSA Ajit Doval to execute this plan, In this plan Air force head Air Marshal B S Dhanoa also there was decided to bombs at balakot camp of Jaish-E-Mohitammad.

4th- many defence agency with IB give input,they input the exact location of jaish camp.

5th- Ordered to arm force on stay alert, and also ordered stay alert to force on line of control.

6th- before 2 days of air strike plan was finalised. the plan was to use Mirage 2000 and also stay alert to AWACS.

7th- And also told to Bareli Airbase to stay on stand bay with sukhoe 30 and on time to operation provide cover to Mirage 2000.

8th- On The 25th February evening operation was finalised.

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