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Top 5 Best Roller Skates For Men, Women & Kids

Riedell Skates - R3 Derby - Roller Derby Quad Skate

Roller skating popularised in the era of disco in the 70’s. Roller skates are always been recommended by fitness freaks. Roller skating rinks are becoming popular and developed into a professional sport along with different styles. Different styles of roller skating includes racing, roller hockey, roller derby and jam skating.

However, it is one popular sport for kids and adults as well as to lose weight and get fitness levels up.You don’t need much equipment to enjoy a workout or smooth gliding.

Roller skating has evolved from a pastime around the 1700s to a sport activity due to its popularity.Roller skating is also recommended by professionals as an aerobic fitness sport.

Our guide and comparison table of the top rated roller skates will help you choose the right pair for you. Here is a feature comparison of my 3 favourite roller skates for Men, Women and Kids.





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#1 VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skate-:


VNLA Vanilla Jr. Tuxedo Quad Speed Roller Jam Skates (Mens 9 / Ladies 10)

Vanilla is proud to launch the VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skate roller skate. It is a classic indoor model and our editor’s choice for the best men’s roller skates. The Vanilla Men’s skate features a strong, fully stitched rubber outsole, and super tough skate shoe lining on boot. It is a unisex skate for men, women and kids.

The VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skate look slick is available in red, black and white leather. The red version features red trimmed wheels with Vanilla's first nylon frame. The nylon frame and features a 5 degree action to increase stability with specially designed, cone shaped cushions to increase response.

The VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skate has a high quality boot and components to enjoy recreational laps, artistic dance or jamming to music and rhythm. It plugs, designed and tested for all types of skating.

You can buy outer wheels the skates and enhance versatility as well as adaptability. The race spec bearings will keep you flying around the floor to make sure they will endure the test of time. The wheels include a high durometer rating of 95A, ideal for indoor surfaces The VNLA Tuxedo Jam Skates are great value skates that allow you to show off your moves and
learn new ones. It is ideal for more advanced and demanding indoor skaters.

Riedell Skates - R3 Derby - Roller Derby Quad Skate

The Riedell Dart roller skate is a high-quality and durable roller skates as well as an excellent indoor model for roller derby and speed skating.These quad roller skates are hand-made using an ultra durable vinyl material that creates a breathable, yet durable skate boot.

The skates are easy to lace & comfortable fit that makes adjusting the skates simple. This is the ideal roller derby skates for those beginning in skating. It is made with a unique evaluation vinyl that is intended to withstand the demands and stress of roller derby.

These traditional roller shoes are designed with safety in mind. Metal double action trucks give you good maneuverability, no matter if you’re doing laps, jam skating or roller derby matches.

The Riedell Dart roller skate comes with execution wheels for additional speed and grasp. The Roller Derby Quad skates likewise have extreme, sonar striker 38mm x 59mm wheels that are intended to give only the appropriate measure of hold for most skating surfaces. These wheels are ideal for the novice skater.


#3 Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Quad Roller Skate -: 

Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Quad Roller Skate

The Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Quad Skate offers performance and comfort in a stylish speed skate design. The skates has a comfortable boot with lace cover, RTX 6000 plate and the Abec-9 race bearings that gives skate a great look with speed to match.

The Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Quad Skate is known for high performance, light micro tech upper boot with memory foam fit and quick wick comfort lining. It also includes RTX 6000 Pro Frame, Aluminum, 5/8-Inch adjustable toe stop with boot for beginners to start a comfortable skating.
The skate uses 58mm x 40mm Urethane formula speed wheel along with ABEC-9 Race Bearing. The skate comes with a retro design that gives you lots of comfort with ample foam padding.If you want to try and see if roller skating go with the Roller Derby Sting 5500’s, they are the best roller skates for adults at an affordable price.

Riedell Skates - Boost - Indoor Quad Roller Skate

The Riedell Boost Rhythm Indoor Roller Skates are an entry-level roller skate for beginners to purchase at a great price. These quad roller skates are hand-made utilizing a vinyl material that makes a comfortable, yet solid skate boot.

The Riedell Boost Rhythm Indoor Roller Skates are flexible mood skates with a simple trim system that makes changing the skates straightforward. It is simple to lace and comfortable fit and gives you optimal support.

These old-school skates accompany ABEC-5 steel metal rollers and intended to limit grating to give you the smoothest ride. This guarantees whether you are causally skating, moving, or hustling, you will have opportunity of development while as yet being bolstered. It is designed for indoor use and
recreational skating as well as Rhythm and Dance skating.

The Riedell Boost Rhythm is a great skate to initiate beginners into rhythm skating. The skates have a durable, yet replaceable, Jam Plug for some breaking control if necessary.

#5 Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates -: 

Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skate Package - Black sz Mens 1

The Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates are perhaps the best derby skate as of now available. It is a solid quad roller speed skate for indoor use. The skates have a comfortable design and a simple lacing system to keep your feet fresh.

The delicate figure of Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates furnishes additional solace with their froth sponsored velvet coating for joyful skating. The light support of skates has a part tongue plan and sturdy upkeep free uppers to offer help and include comfort.

The Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates include extra cushioned linings for pad and designed with a lightweight PVC underside and mounted on an aluminum plate, these boots keep your feet dry for quite a long time of utilization.

The skate boots offer the ideal measure of help for the new amateur or casual skater. By offering incredible dealing with and speed, these skates work for everything. If you’re looking for speed at the skating rink, the Sure-Grip Rebel skates are the best quad speed skates.


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